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Our business concept is the world's first network of boutique personal training and EMS studios, tailored for premium clients, to provide them with exceptional experiences. It is a refined blend of elegant interiors, luxurious fitness equipment, and a holistic approach to a healthy body and fitness. We utilize our own training method combined with EMS technology – muscle electrostimulation, making the training highly effective, allowing clients to work towards various goals, from body shaping to sports performance and well-being.

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What makes EMSO. to stand out?

At EMSO, the foundation lies in building positive relationships and delivering unique experiences, which is why we prioritize the quality of our equipment, an effective training method, and the highest level of services.

Our innovative training method combines a personalized approach with electromuscular stimulation, creating a unique fitness experience. We provide You with a clear path to progress while emphasizing the elegance and effectiveness of the training.

Refined equipment is the essence of elegance and modernity in fitness within the EMSO. What sets it apart? Crafted from unique materials and applied in unconventional yet sophisticated forms - the highest quality that adds elegance to every studio, ensuring excellent results. Carefully designed devices combine functionality with modern technologies, inspiring effective training. The equipment is prepared for a wide range of exercises, guaranteeing training effectiveness for everyone.

Our mission focuses not only on refined form but also on the highest quality clubs. Each club in our network exudes exclusivity through carefully selected equipment, creating a luxurious atmosphere for our clients. We strive for excellence in every detail, offering top-notch equipment made from the highest quality materials, translating into excellent training results. Our clubs are not just spaces of elegance but also centers of innovative technologies that support our clients in achieving their fitness goals.

Why does EMSO. follow a holistic approach?

EMSO is guided by a holistic approach because we believe that well-being extends beyond the physical aspect of fitness. Our philosophy is based on the belief that balance between training, recovery, and attention to psychosocial aspects of life is crucial for achieving comprehensive well-being.

The holistic approach allows us to offer our clients not only personal training but also chill, recovery, and beauty zones, creating a space where taking care of every aspect of life is as important as effective training.

The Cardio and Workout zones are designated for both personal and EMS training, and for larger studios - group training. By adding the Recovery zone, you can offer your clients regenerative and health-promoting treatments such as sauna, ice baths, lymphatic drainage, or fascial massage with a massage gun.

We've designated the Beauty zone for body treatments, such as relaxing massages, while the Open Bar and Chill zones allow clients to relax after training, meet other club members over coffee, juice, or a protein shake.

3 characteristics of EMSO business.

The space is meticulously curated to cater to both comfort and productivity

In our training studio, we focus on luxurious interior finishes, creating a space that entices with elegance while concealing the power of training within. It's a place where design meets functionality, crafting an atmosphere of refined comfort. For You, for Your workout, for exceptional moments in premium style.

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In our boutique clubs, beauty lies in the details. Every element of our luxurious equipment has been meticulously crafted from the finest materials such as wood, steel, and leather. It's not just workout equipment – it's works of art that create an atmosphere of unparalleled comfort. Step inside our clubs to experience a workout where sophistication meets excellence.

Elegance Unveiled: Where Distinction Meets Intimacy

In our workouts, we utilize the latest EMS technology that intensifies every muscle action. It's not just about effectiveness but also innovation that brings a new quality to personal training. We don't limit ourselves to routines. Our method combines diverse elements of training, from strength exercises to functional workouts. It's a holistic approach that enables You to achieve Your full potential in health and fitness.

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Explore the latest advancements at EMSO. From cutting-edge training methods to luxurious regenerative treatments, discover how we're redefining fitness and well-being. Visit our 'NEWS' page to stay updated on our exclusive offerings, ensuring you always experience the forefront of fitness excellence.

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Join the league of fitness entrepreneurs and embark on a journey to revolutionize the way people work out. Open your own EMS personal club and make a profound impact on the fitness world while carving a rewarding path for yourself in the industry!


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Step into a world where fitness becomes a journey tailored to your unique goals and aspirations.


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