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EMS Training – Electrostimulation

EMS Training – muscle electrostimulation is a highly effective training solution that allows clients worldwide to achieve their sports, health, and body shape goals.

The basis of electrostimulation is an electrical impulse transmitted by electrodes placed in a special suit, forcing muscle contraction while reaching its deepest fibers. Since the impulse is identical to the one our brain sends to the muscles during movement, it is a technology neutral to our body, even though the contraction is induced by an external factor. The electrodes on the suit are distributed over the most important muscle groups, translating into the engagement of the entire body during the training.

This allows for a shortened training duration combined with fast and lasting results.

The world's best EMS technology


Thanks to Bluetooth technology, workouts reach a whole new level, becoming more engaging and effective.


The EMS system allows for conducting both individual, paired, and group training for up to 12 people simultaneously.

Stimulation of 10 muscle groups simultaneously.

The electrodes are located in the areas of the most crucial muscle groups in our body for the most effective training.


A professional suit for studio use is provided, and clients also have the option to purchase their personal suits if they wish to own them.

53 built-in programs and the ability to create your own

For the best possible alignment with each client's abilities and goals.

Full freedom of movement.

The suits have been designed for maximum durability and comfort.


The EMS training at EMSO stands out for its innovative approach and diversity, making it unique compared to other studios. Our approach is based on an advanced training method, providing intensity and effectiveness that you won't find in traditional forms of exercise.

What sets us apart? Firstly, at EMSO, we integrate EMS training into various activities, allowing for customization to individual goals and preferences. Secondly, the use of diverse accessories and machines in training makes our sessions more versatile and tailored to different muscle groups, translating into training effectiveness.

Innovation is a key element of our approach – we not only offer intense EMS and personal training but also create a space where modernity meets diversity, providing unique training experiences. At EMSO, You don't just train; You explore the possibilities of EMS training in a way that emphasizes our commitment to Your achievements and well-being.

During a training session, over 90% of the muscles in the entire body, including deep muscles, are engaged. This allows for a shortened training time to 30 minutes while achieving results similar to a 2-hour workout.

Achieving multiple goals simultaneously

The electrical impulse affects both slow and fast-twitch muscle fibers, making it possible to simultaneously build muscle strength, endurance, accelerate metabolism, and burn fat tissue.

Acceleration of regeneration

Electrical impulses have a positive impact on improving circulation, which means that using EMS not only affects body shaping or building strength but also contributes to better nourishment of tissues and oxygen saturation.


EMS workouts are safe for joints, as they do not require heavy loads while still providing excellent results in terms of strength gain, muscle mass, and fat burning.

Endorsed by Industry Experts

Fitness professionals and experts from diverse fields endorse EMSO for its remarkable power to boost strength, performance, and fitness.

The stereotypical approach to physical activity and fitness becomes a relic of the past in favor of a holistic perspective. EMSO approaches a strong, fit body as a whole. All their services - workouts, treatments, such as cold therapy - make everyone who comes feel a difference, primarily experiencing a sense of improved well-being.

Doctor of Medical Sciences at Duke University in the Department of Anesthesiology

Muscle mass and its maintenance at the proper level are extremely important for our health, and its significance increases with age. EMS training is incredibly effective in this regard because it allows an easy way to maintain physical fitness.

Physiotherapist and Owner of a Physiotherapy Center

Years of experience in treating sports injuries contribute to the increasing recognition of whole-body cryotherapy or ice baths as an effective method.

Clinic of Surgery at the Medical University of Wrocław



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