Unique Vision – Harmonious Blend of Design, Functionality and Sport

Our studio is the result of a fascination with a healthy lifestyle, which began as a dream to revolutionize the fitness world.

In this adventure, we saw a gap between conventional training and something truly exceptional. It was then that the concept of a network of personal training studios was born in us. Places where elegance meets strength, and luxury merges with health. Every element of this concept is the result of our own experiences, lessons learned from mistakes, and the challenging moments of successes and failures.

For us, fitness is not just a routine but a lifestyle where each experience shapes our journey. The studio we've built is not just a place to exercise but a space where every encounter with training is a unique experience. Our unique equipment is the product of a passion for excellence and unique design. The training method we've created is the result of personal care for effectiveness and enjoyment in every session.

Our story is a tale of daily experiences, overcoming challenges, and an endless passion for what we do.

Our unique training method in EMSO combines a personalized approach with innovative electrostimulation, creating a unique fitness experience. It provides clients with a clear path to progress, emphasizing both the elegance and effectiveness of the training. Join our franchise to be a part of this exceptional revolution in the fitness world.

Our refined equipment embodies elegance and modernity in fitness within the our network. What sets it apart? Wood, steel, and leather – the highest quality that adds elegance to every studio, ensuring excellent results.

Carefully designed devices combine functionality with modern technologies, inspiring effective training. The equipment is prepared for a wide range of exercises, guaranteeing the efficiency of workouts for everyone.

Our mission focuses not only on elegance but also on the highest quality of clubs within EMSO. Each club in our network exudes exclusivity through carefully selected equipment, creating an atmosphere of luxury for our clients.

We prioritize excellence in every detail, offering top-class, innovative equipment made from the highest quality materials, resulting in excellent training outcomes. Our clubs are not just spaces of elegance but also centers of innovative technologies that support our clients in achieving their fitness goals.

We aim to deliver premium experiences and quality to our discerning clients that they won't find in any other studio worldwide. We focus not only on personal training but also on proper recovery, health treatments, and beauty, elevating the care for one's body to a completely different level.

All of this is possible because our top priorities are: the highest quality of services, an effective training method, and the best equipment.

Our network of personal training studios emerges from three key areas of experience of our founders.

The foundation of our studios, where we offer top-notch equipment, lies in the knowledge of the highest quality standards in producing luxury fitness gear under the PENT brand. Through the ATEPAA brand, we integrate aesthetics with functionality, creating elegant interiors for our studios. Our roots in personal training lead us to develop our own training method using EMS, combining effectiveness and personalization.

Our projects featuring well-known personalities from the world of entertainment and sports inspire us continuously, contributing to building a top-class fitness brand.



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