Fitness, elegance, and comfort in a perfect combination.

It's not just a fitness studio; it's a place where every detail has been created with Your comfort and elegance in mind. Discover the unique combination of training and relaxation that our EMSO studio offers.


We based the design of our studio on a circular plan, which is visible in every zone - the open bar, reception, and beauty zone.

The tubes are a permanent and distinctive feature of every EMSO studio, as they will be used for both personal training and EMS sessions, designed to provide maximum privacy during each training session.

We have allocated space within them for basic exercise equipment, supplemented by a cart with accessories that can be brought directly near the tube, making workouts even more varied and effective.


We've divided our studio into zones that allow You to give more to Your clients. In addition to the training and cardio areas, they have access to chill, recovery, and beauty zones, as well as an intimate and elegant bar.

In the training zone, clients can benefit from EMS workouts and personal training sessions led by qualified trainers. They also have access to a cardio zone to maintain their fitness. After the workout, they can enjoy the chill zone for a moment of relaxation. In the recovery zone, ready solutions are available for regeneration, while the beauty zone is a place where we take care of the body from the outside. Our bar serves not only delicious and healthy shakes but also provides a cozy meeting and resting place.

Additionally, clients can bring the EMSO experience to their homes by choosing products from our store, offering in-house brands and the PENT brand.


Experience a unique workout that activates muscles efficiently and safely. We prioritize advanced technology that goes hand in hand with an individual approach to each client. Here, every workout is a unique experience, tailored to You, so You can reap maximum benefits from each session.


We've created a unique Cardio Zone where we've combined strength, endurance, and the freedom of training. Equipped with state-of-the-art treadmills and rowing machines, offering diverse and effective workouts tailored to Your individual goals. In this zone, we not only provide personal training sessions but also give You space for independent exercises.


The full relaxation Chill Zone is a place where You can regenerate Your body and mind after each session. Fell a peaceful atmosphere in our comfortable relaxation zones. Equipped with soft chairs and pleasant lighting, they provide the perfect space for calming down and resting. The Chill Zone is a space for mental relaxation.


Dedicated Recovery Zone allows You to focus on the regeneration of Your body after intense exertion. Discover the power of ice baths, which help reduce swelling, alleviate muscle pain, and accelerate the recovery process after training. Lymphatic drainage is a gentle massage technique that supports the removal of toxins, improves lymphatic circulation, and speeds up the detoxification process in the body.


We have created a unique Beauty Zone where we offer the latest and most relaxing skincare treatments. In the Beauty Zone, we also provide a rich selection of firming massages that help improve skin elasticity, reduce cellulite, and sculpt the silhouette. Since no two skins are alike, we emphasize an individualized approach to skincare.

Open bar

Welcome to our open bar, where You can indulge in fresh and healthy drinks after Your workout. It's a perfect way to conclude Your workout in the spirit of a healthy lifestyle. The open bar is not just a place for enjoying drinks but also a space where fitness enthusiasts gather, sharing positive energy and workout experiences.

YOUR EMSO. studio

Each studio within the EMSO network is tailored to the specific needs and possibilities of the chosen location. We prepare a project that encompasses all elements, from necessary installations to equipment. We strive to tailor our offer to your needs, plans, and business vision, which is why we have designed 4 studio options depending on its size.

Studio designed for personal training and EMS in a 1/1 format.

  • Surface area of the premises: 60 - 100m2
  • Workout zone
  • Open Bar
  • PENT. Boutique

Studio designed for personal training, EMS, and small group sessions of 2 to 3 people.

  • Surface area of the premises: 100 - 200m2
  • 2 Workout zones
  • Open Bar
  • PENT. butique
  • 1 extra zone - Recovery, Beauty, Chill
  • Special PENT. equipment prices

A larger studio where not only personal training sessions will be conducted, but also group workouts and circuit training with additional zones.

  • Surface area of the premises: 200 - 300m2
  • 2x or 3x Workout zones
  • Cardio zone
  • Recovery zone with Ice Box &Sauna
  • Open Bar
  • Special prices for PENT. equipment

The largest possible area for an EMSO studio, allowing for both personal and group training sessions, while also offering your clients all possible amenities and zones.

  • Surface area of the premises: 300 - 400m2
  • Workout & Cardio zones
  • Open Bar
  • Recovery & Chill zones
  • Beauty zone
  • PENT. boutique
  • Special prices for PENT. equipment



As a luxury and globally recognized brand, we produce high-quality fitness equipment and accessories that can be found in the most prestigious hotels, on yachts, and in private gyms, and now also in the EMSO club network. We want our studios to be exceptional, and the highest quality they offer to be as close to You as possible - in the biggest cities worldwide.



Regardless of whether you choose to collaborate with us under EMSO., you can also become a distributor of the PENT. brand in your designated area. For more details, visit the PENT. website.


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